More About Our Company

“From womb to tomb.” is how Ben likes to refer to keeping his cows at his dairy. We take pride in raising healthy animals and watching them throughout their productive life here on the dairy. We keep the female animals to produce milk (nature’s most perfect food, by the way) and the bulls we will raise and they will either be used for breeding purposes or sold for beef (yes, Holstein beef is yummy!).

These animals provide a good life for us so we are here to ensure we provide a good life for them. We work with professionals such as our veterinarian and nutritionist to aid us in keeping the animals healthy and comfortable. They are given fresh food and water every day and are free to roam around and socialize with each other.

One of our babies.If you are wondering how long we keep our calves in these hutches, it is only for 60-80 days. Then they get to move up to the big girl corrals!

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