Our History

Our History

Ciao! Here’s a little history about our famiglia Italiana! Miro and Domenica Curti were poor Italian immigrants from northern Italy. They started their dairy in the United States in 1913. They had five children, two girls and three boys. The three boys stayed to work on the family farm as the grew up with their own families. Amelio Curti was one of the boys and he had two sons, named Ben and Phillip. Ben now runs Curtimade Dairy and Phillip runs his own dairy. Needless to say, dairying is in the blood….

It has now been a family farm for four generations.

Fun Fact about the Curti family: Miro Curti was the first recipient of the Tulare County “Farmer of the Year” award, and his grandson, Ben, along with his brother and their two cousins received the same award in 2005.

Curti Dairy 1927

Miro and Domenica Curti with their five children: Italo, Lilia, Leo, Amelio, and Elvira.